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Drone races are geting more popular by each day (Tech OFFNews ep. 1.5)

| ПОСЛЕДНА ПРОМЯНА 15 февруари 2016 в 14:00 39830

It's a fact that the flying drones are becoming more and more popular lately.All of us have seen the symphatetic machines with four or six propellers to circle above concerts, sports games or other events.

What is unknown to many is that drones are about to start a new sport. We are talking about races on premade routes with special high speed drones and glasses that allow the pilots to see the route, created especially for this purpose.The fun experience is guaranteed and most of the racers say that they feel like superheroes.

The innovative sport is still making its first steps across the world. Last July in California was organised the first national championship in USA with 120 participants. The tournament was won by an Australian. The UK, France and other countries also host similar events and drone enthusiasts are already talking about International League. However most of the pilots are saying that they are participating for fun, without any plans about making a career as racers.

Bulgarian version

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