Strix is the happening of the year amongst the gaming gear (Tech OFFNews ep. 1.4)

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The new mouse and keyboard for professional gaming from the Strix series of ASUS are already been pointed out as this year's top performers in the market of gaming gears.

In their typical manner from ASUS rely on many innovations, which make the gaming experience even better and help the gamers to fully dive in the virtual world.

One of the best League of Legends players in world – with the alias Morning says that ASUS are able to create products of that quality, because they live and breathe with the games. They are part of the gamers community and learn from it. They've simulated countless gaming scenarios and built Strix in compliance with them.

The innovative headphones Strix 71 stand out with great surround, ability to control the sound for every channel and has its own USB sound card, which makes it easier to control the audio functions in the middle of a game. The model clears 90% of the surrounding noise, allowing gamers to dive in fully in the atmosphere of the game. The headphones have 4 profiles, which allows the user to tune the for the different types of games. From shooters, in which hearing the footsteps of the incoming adversaries can be of huge help, trough racing simulators, to role playing games.

The gamers mouse Strix Claw is being named by many as the best on the market for first person shooters. The innovative optic sensor guarantees precise handling and the easy interface with three programming buttons and premade mods, which allows the players to bring their favourite profiles everywhere they go. Precisely the ability for maximal synchrone with the personal preferences of the gamer is what attracts more and more players to the product. The cable gives additional stability to the mouse, which is absent in many of the new gaming mouses.

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