Who created Bitcoin (Tech OFFNews ep. 1.2)

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One of the biggest mysteries in the tech business was revealed a few days ago when the tech portal Gizmodo informed that they know who is the creator of the virtual currency Bitcoin.

The media did an independent investigation, which led it to the home of the famous Australian businessman Craig Steven Wright, to whom they believe that we owe the existence of Bitcoin.

For those who don't know, Bitcoin is a new kind of virtual currency, which is completely decentralised and independent from any company or national institution. Bitcoin can be generated from any computer by computing encryption process called mining. The upper limit for generation of Bitcoin worldwide is 21 million.

Today this crytocurrency is used by thousands of people all over the world. More and more starting companies are trading it. It is still a mystery who is the creator of Bitcoin. All that it's known about him is his alias – Satoshi Nakamoto. From Gizmodo are saying that they have undeniable evidence, that he is the Australian Craig Wright who they believe created Bitcoin with the help of the deceased American Dave Clayman.

Wright himself refuses to talk to the media or confirm his involvement in the developement of one of the newest tool for payments in the world.

Meanwhile the value of Bitcoin in the recent months continues to rise, reaching 439$ and many people are asking themselves where is the limit of this currency, which is independent from any Central Bank.

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