Net Neutrality (Tech OFFNews ep. 1.1)

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Few of us probably consider that today, there is a battle in the telecommunications business, that can change completely the way we use the Global network, and our very understanding about what is Internet.

A vote in the European Parliament from the end of October rose the tensions in the technological sphere and provoked criticism from internet companies, academic areas, non-government organisations and many experts, amongst who is the founder of the World Wide Web – Tim Berners-Lee.

The vote was about a new regulatory mechanism in the telecommunications business, by the means of which the MEPs made a few major changes, including the dismissal of the roaming fees.

What led to a sharp response in the sector and the leading tech magazines was the introduction of the new special services, which will be available at higher speed, if they are paid. The problem is that the change practically goes against one of the founding principles of internet – the net neutrality.

The net neutrality pretty much means that the internet providers are obliged to give us access to all of the internet websites and services, without restricting or prioritising any of them. This is one of the founding principles of the World Wide Web and guarantees that we will get access to the whole web, not just a fragment of it that is in the interest of our internet provider. We owe today's existence of such open information network as internet with all of its advantages.

For many years the Telecommunications companies have been trying to undermine this founding principle in their desire to limit the influence of the internet corporations, which are pushing down their profits. The problem is that this practically turns the net neutrality into a hostage in a conflict between the companies of the two technological segments. All of the consequences are for the private users.

Meanwhile the US Federal Communications Commission confirmed its intention to keep the neutrality of the net, despite the attacks from the companies, but the MEPs made steps towards the breaking of this fundamental principle.

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