Ian Lu about ASUS gaming gears (Tech OFFNews ep. 1.3)

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What is the difference between the gaming gears of ASUS?

Speaking about the gaming gears, STRIX of course will be the number one choice for gaming usage. I would use this kind of comparison, such as for when you are in a game you want to be the king, you want to win the game so STRIX will be the best choice. But when we talk about Republic of Gamers, at the beginning it is actually starting from the overclocking so it actually represents the fuller performance, so it is the king of kings. Echelon is actually at the same level as the STRIX series, but it is oriented towards the shooting games, designed for the army lovers and for gamers who love especially this kind of games.

When can we expect Republic of Gamers keyboard to hit the market?

For the Republic of Gamers keyboard we estimated that we will launch it on the Bulgarian market in 2016. The reason it takes longer is that we actually receive a lot of user feedback and questions like: "when will we have Republic of Gamers keyboard?", but to make sure that we will be the best of the best, it takes a little bit longer to hit the market, but we are pretty sure that we will be the best performers for the product.

When will we see Republic of Gamers Spatha mouse on the Bulgarian market?

Right now we are in the final stage for Spatha. We expect it to hit the market at the same time as ROG keyboard.

Not too long ago you introduced STRIX sound cards. Why do we need discreet sound card, when we have one embedded in the motherboard?

The embedded solution, especially on the ROG motherboard is absolutely fantastic, but why we need discreet sound card is easy to tell. For example with it we can have the signal isolated and operating and we can have better power control.

Tell us a little bit more about the STRIX 7.1 headphones.

I know a lot of people will compare out product with those of our competitors. It is really difficult to make a real multi channel sound for a headset, but we chose a different approach, compared with other brands. For example we use a USB direct connection which makes the sound truly multi channel, compared to other brands using the analog connection. This is the main difference. Also for the 7.1 you actually listen more carefully and distinguish the different sounds and the direction they are coming from. This is a major benefit for the gamers.

What else is in your gaming gears portfolio?

Besides the previously mentioned STRIX, Echelon and ROG we also have new series which is named Cerberus. It is the most basic gear, but it is still a high end, for the high cost and performance ratio. For example for the Cerberus in terms of keyboards we think that the most important thing is back to basic. In this range of the product we introduced the rubber foot and also there is a metal plate in the back and anti-splashing function that can help. We aim to build loyalty to our users. We want the mouse to last longer for gaming usage, because we think that for long time usage comfort is the most important thing. So in this kind of range we focus on the basic functions. In terms of headphones, the Cerberus aims to be used not only for games or at home, but also the user can listen while walking, because when we are talking about multy function you must be able to use them for gaming or just connect it to your phone.

Are all of those products available at the Bulgarian market?

Cerberus is available since the beginning of December. We really look forward to get feedback from the local users. STRIX is also available and when we launch the ROG, we will make sure that Bulgaria is our first option.

Bulgarian version

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